Bixin Pool

1) How to mine bitcoins? Which program to use? Where to buy the mining machines?

Bixin Pool is only directed against miners' owners. We do not provide Pool users with mining machienes.

2) Mining Income rates.

PPS 103%

PPS+ (4% PPS fee+ 2% TX fee)

3) Which Bitcoin addresses i can use for getting the profit?

You don't need to have one, because your daily profit will be sent to your account automaticly withing 4 hours after the statement at 8:00 Beijing time.

4) Do Mining name and Mining account have to be the same? Are they connected?

Yes. Your Mining account is your Mining name in the Pool, so make sure to make them equal while setting your machienes, otherwise you will not be able to get your profit. For details search: pool-help.

5) My firewall has been barred by 3333 port, how to solve this problem?

You may try to use 443 or 25 port too.

6) How to monitor my mining?

You may use Bitkan Mining, just input your Mining name and start monitoring your miners' work.

7) How can I get help with mining?

You may contact us by making a ticket through the Help desk.